Goat Yoga, Whats All The Fuss About?

Recently, classes of Goat yoga taking place at the Googleplex, one of Google’s main offices in Mountain View, California. There are pictures circling around Instagram feeds of employees taking part in Goat Yoga classes at Googleplex. 

What’s all the fuss about Goat yoga?

Goat Yoga is a type of practice that originated in Western countries. It’s a practice where goats are allowed to interact with the practitioners during the class. While the students do a posture, the goats in the surrounding climb on them and bring a smile on their faces. Goat yoga creates a positive experience for everybody. Most of the people who come to these classes are those who are seriously affected by depression and anxiety. Some students go through a lot of health-related problems and they become disheartened because of it. Those students who attend goat yoga also get relieved from that feeling because of the happy nature of goat yoga.

A little bit about Googleplex

Googleplex is the headquarters complex of the corporate giant, Google, and its parent company Alphabet Inc. The Googleplex has an office space of 2,000,000 square feet, which is the second-largest among its buildings, Google’s 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York City. Google leased the building and facilities in the beginning of 2003 from Silicon Graphics. In June 2006, Google purchased some of Silicon Graphics’ properties, including Googleplex, for $319 million.

Companies with yoga classes for employees:

Many companies have now realized that health and fitness of employees are important factors that affect their productivity. A healthy body makes way for a healthy mind. Below are some companies that provide yoga classes to their employees to keep them happy and healthy: 

∙        Draper

∙        Intuit

∙        Microsoft

∙        SAS

∙        Reebok

∙        GoDaddy

∙        Microsoft